It is essential to write the disclaimer of this website so that you have a clear idea about our rules and policies.

The main purpose is to tell you that the information provided on this Visionrx20.xyz website is observation based. Information is collected from different sources and then it is delivered to you in a suitable manner. Information is based on customers reviews and interviews and the privacy policies of different supplement producing companies.

Information is deduced from scientific theories and you know theories are deductions they are not laws. Theories are changed as more research is done and new information is collected. Therefore results may change widely according to the environment or some other factor. So Publishers and editors are not responsible for any inconvenience related to supplement result or anything else, as publishers and editors are not bound to get the scientific proof of the supplement. Therefore it is more based on reviews and interviews of company’s management than scientific or medical proves.

Liability Disclaimer

Visionrx20.xyz website is made to deliver your education and health-based knowledge. It offers you different sources to get your health better. It helps you to come to know about different sources of best health, fashion tips, beauty tips and many more. But all the above of this is our privacy policy that bounds us to tell you that it is not obtained from a medical professional. The knowledge which is taken from a medical professional is mentioned with his name.

If anybody gets different results from supplement then publishers and editors are not responsible for that as every individual has different factors relating to health, skin, and environment. Outside upcoming are dependent on the customer. You can claim about product authenticity and delivery. You can neither claim the publisher nor the editor and writer for any type of inconvenience. Authors and editors haven’t take the oath to the liability of product, they are liable to the website and their work. They are bound to do greatest efforts to get true and unique information. Fashion and beauty tips are provided after consulting with experts of the respective field.

Visionrx20.xyz Legal Disclaimer and liability statement

Our website gives knowledge-based information which is collected from different sources. If any user contains distinct results from the mentioned claims then, publishers or editors are not responsible. After 2017, it has become necessary to make a liability disclaimer because of unexpected results got in that year. Therefore, we thought that we would clarify our statement about any type of inconvenience related to the results of the supplement.

We feel that our users should know that what are we doing and in what manner our work is done. The type of our business demands us to be liable to users and to clarify our liability statement. US Health Market website gives a clear opinion, results, and refined information which define you our obligations and liabilities.


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